The Command Button Wizard


To automate the most regular actions a user would perform on a form, Microsoft Access provides the Command Wizard. It is a suite of dialog boxes that allow you to create routine action without writing code. Some of the actions have been highly configured while some other would need a little adjustment from you.

To use the Command Button Wizard, on the Toolbox, first make sure the Control Wizard button is clicked. Then, click the Command Button control and click a section of the form. The wizard would start and would guide you step-by-step with the necessary task.

Practical Learning: Printing an Invoice

  1. To follow with this exercise, open the College Park Auto Shop database 
  2. From  the Forms section of the Database window, double-click the WorkOrders form to open it
  3. After viewing it, switch it to Design View
  4. On the Toolbox, make sure the Control button is down and click the Command Button
  5. On the form click in the right side of the Form Footer section
  6. When the Command Button Wizard starts, in the first page, in the Categories list, click Form Operations
  7. In the Actions section, click Close Form:
  8. Click Next
  9. In the second page of the wizard, change the content of the top text box to Close
  10. Click Next
  11. Change the name of the button to cmdClose
  12. Click Finish
  13. To save the form, press Ctrl + S
  14. To test the form while closing it, switch it to Form View and click the newly created Close button



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