MOUS Topics
Topic Title Lesson
  Planning and Designing Databases  
S1     Determine appropriate data inputs/outputs for your database  L10
S2     Create table structure L5
S3     Establish table relationships L12, L13
  Working with Access  
S4     Use the Microsoft Office Assistant L1
S5     Select an object using the Objects Bar  L1
S6     Print database objects (tables, forms, reports, and queries) L2, L3
S7     Navigate through records in a table, query, or form L2, L3
S8     Create a database (using a wizard or in-design view) L2, L4
  Building and Modifying Tables  
S9     Create tables by using the Table Wizard L2
S10     Set primary keys L12
S11     Modify field properties L4
S12     Use multiple data types L10, L11
S13     Modify tables using Design View L5, L12, L13
S14     Use the Lookup Wizard L12
S15     Use the Input Mask Wizard L10
  Building and Modifying Forms  
S16     Create a form with the Form Wizard L13
S17     Use the Control Toolbox to add controls L6, L25, L28, L29
S18     Modify Format Properties (font, style, font size, color, caption, etc.) of controls  L25
S19     Use form sections (headers, footers, and detail)  L24
S20     Use a Calculated Control on a form L28
  Viewing and Organizing Information  
S21     Use the Office Clipboard L22
S22     Switch between object views L6, L7, L8
S23     Enter records using a datasheet L2
S24     Enter records using a form L3
S25     Delete records from a table L4
S26     Find a record  
S27     Sort records L15
S28     Apply and remove filters (filter by form and filter by selection) L15, L18
S29     Specify criteria in a query L15, L18
S30     Display related records in a subdatasheet L14
S31     Create a calculated field L28, L29, L30
S32     Create and modify a multitable select query L17
  Defining Relationships  
S33     Establish relationships L17
S34     Enforce referential integrity L14
  Producing Reports  
S35     Create a report with the Report Wizard L3, L26
S36     Preview and print a report L3, L26
S37     Move and resize a control L8
S38     Modify Format Properties (font, style, font size, color, caption, etc.) L8
S39     Use the Control Toolbox to add controls L8
S40     Use report sections (headers, footers, and detail) L26
S41     Use a Calculated Control in a report   
  Integrating with Other Applications  
S42     Import data to a new table L22
S43     Save a table, query, or form as a Web page L22
S44     Add Hyperlinks L11
  Using Access Tools  
S45     Print database relationships L14
S46     Back-up and restore a database L22
S47     Compact and repair a database L22