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Microsoft SQL Server: Introduction

Microsoft SQL Server: Introduction

This is our first lesson on Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Practical Learning is a web site dedicated to computer learning. We feature various series of lessons in different areas of computers, including regular use of windows, setting up a computer network, learning a computer language, or developing a computer application. Our lessons use a practical approach to learning, using patient step-by-step sections with realistic examples you can follow to apply what is being taught.

We hope you will take advantage of these free lessons and that you will profit from them. Enjoy.

Example Application: Time Sheet

This example shows how to implement a time sheet
Created from a Microsoft SQL Sever database and
implemented in a graphical application.
Visual C++/CLI Visual C# ASP.NET

Fundamental Computer Use

Example Applications

Bethesda Car Rental
Music Store
Auto Parts
Watts A Loan
Yugo National Bank

In our Windows lessons, we introduce the use of computers, even including how to seize and use a mouse. In our Networking sections, we review the fundamentals of building a network.

File Processing

In our various lessons, we study such aspects as file processing, which consists of saving a document to a file and make it available for later use. An example is Bethesda Car Rental.

Application Programming

We have various lessons on application programming, depending on the computer language, such as C++ or C# or the programming environment of your choice such as Borland C++ Builder or Microsoft Visual C#.

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