Introduction to Network Management


Management Overview



As a network administrator, you will perform various tasks to keep the network up and running. These include computers, users (the people who use the network), the peripherals (the other machines attached either to the computers or directly to the network. To make this possible, both Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003 provide the various tools you will need. If you are managing a peer-to-peer network, the former provides local and possibly small network tools to manage workstations. For a client/server network, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 provides all the tools you need to locally or remotely manage the servers or the clients.

Network Management With Windows XP

Most of the tools used to locally manage a Microsoft Windows XP Professional or a peer-to-peer network are listed in the Administrative Tools window. To open it, you can open Control Panel and double-click Administrative Tools:

As you install more software or libraries to your computer, the tools may increase in sophistication and number. Here is an example:

To use a tool, you can double-click it.

Network Management With Windows Server 2003

Like Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 groups its administration routines under an ensemble referred to as Administrative Tools. Unlike the former, the later provides various ways of accessing the tools.

After you have just setup Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and installed Active Directory, the first window that comes up provides some of the most regular tools you will need to administer the network:

The middle section of this window provides only a limited list of tools, considered to be the most regularly used. Alternatively, you can display the whole list of tools in a window. To do this, under the Tools and Updates Section, you can click Administrative Tools:

To use a tool, you can double-click it.

Another technique you can access the tools consists of clicking Start -> Administrative Tools:

Another technique consists of click Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools

You can also click Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools.

With any of these previous techniques, to use a tool, simply click it from the menu.


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