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This is the web site of Yevol dedicated to Microsoft PowerPoint, reviewing different techniques of creating  presentations using this member of the Microsoft Office suite.

The lessons are mostly incremental and cumulative. This means that, for example, Lesson 2 assumes that you have reviewed Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 is a prerequisite to Lesson 3.


Besides getting you familiar with the presentation topics, the lessons also help you prepare for the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) exam. Even if you are not planning to take the MOUS exam, most job interviews now make you take a test and you are likely to be tested on Microsoft PowerPoint.

MOUS Topics
Presentation Ideas

Lessons Summary

Getting Help
The Presentation File
Presentation Creation
Showing a Presentation
Creating Slides
Sequence and Structure of Slides
Proofreading and Check Spelling
Text and Slide Formatting
Introduction to Shapes and Objects
Formatting Shapes and Objects
Common Slide Formatting
The Master Slide
Tables and Charts
Animations and Transitions


Other Tutorials

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