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Microsoft Visual C# Programming

Microsoft Visual C#

Microsoft Visual C# is a programming environment used to create various types of computer applications, including console, graphical (GUI), XML, databases, and file-based, etc.

This web site provides lessons and other topics on using Microsoft Visual C#, any version (Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition or Microsoft Visual C# Professional).

The lessons on this site assume that you already know the C# programming language.

Windows Controls

Button Browse for Folder Check Box Checked List Box
Color Dialog Combo Box Context Menu Date Picker
Domain Up-Down Flow Layout Panel Font Dialog Group Box
Image List Label Link Label List Box
List View Masked Text Box Menu Strip Month Calendar
Numeric Up-Down Open Dialog Box Panel Page Setup
Picture Box Print Dialog Box Print Preview Progress Bar
Radio Buttons Rich Text Box Save dialog Box Scroll Bar
Split Container Tab Control Table Layout Panel Text Box
Tick Counter Timer Time Picker Track Bar
Tree View      


IDE Windows/Objects


Introduction to Visual C# The Toolbox Application Design
Introduction to Applications The Properties Window Dynamic Control
Controls Properties

General Tutorials

Applications Menus

Exception Handling

Events The Main Menu Introduction
Methods The Contextual Menu .NET Framework Support
Delegates Visual Characteristics of Menus
Message Boxes Grouping Menu Items
External Libraries Checked Menu Items
Pictures on Menu Items
Menu Management


File Processing


Introduction to Forms Accessories for File Processing Printing
Dialog Boxes Introduction to File Processing
Details on File Processing Creating Online Help
Files Operations


Objects Shapes Curves Brushes Bitmaps
Introduction Rectangles Introduction Introduction Introduction
Color Ellipses Bézier Curves Solid Brushes Scaling
Icons Lines Closed Curves Hatch Brushes Mirroring
Cursors Polygons Pies Texture Flipping
Fonts Strings Arcs Gradient Rotating


Bind a Data Grid View

Transact-SQL Built-In Functions

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Windows Controls Applications (Applications That Demonstrate The Uses of Controls)

Elementary Addition
This exercise applies the characteristics of a label to assist you with performing elementary addition.

This application demonstrates the use of the button control of Microsoft Windows. It does this while calculating the factorial, the permutation, and the combinatorial.

Boolean Algebra

This application uses check boxes to evaluate the logical conjunction and disjunction of Boolean Algebra.

Movie Review

In this application, we use the domain up-down control to store a list of movie titles. When the user changes the value of the spin button, a movie title would display.

Car Inventory

This application explores the characteristics of a track bar, also called a slider control.  One track bar allows the user to navigate from one car to another. A vertical track bar allows the user to show other pictures, if any, of the car.


Picture Viewer
This application explorer some image manipulation techniques provided by the Image and the Bitmap classes of the .NET Framework.
Simple Interest 1

This application calculates the future value of a loan using its present value (the principal), its interest rate, and its period (the period represents the number of months).

Simple Interest 2

In this application, we calculate the future value of a loan. In this exercise, we provide the user with 2 calendars to specify the starting and the ending dates of the loan. We then calculate the number of days between these two dates and use it as the period.

Compound Interest
This application calculates the future value of a loan depending on how often (the frequency) the calculation is made (monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually)
HTML Body Tag Formatter

This application shows an example of visually creating the attributes of the HTML's body tag, mainly the colors.


Payroll Processing

This sample application demonstrates various features of the text box. It reviews the textual sides of the control. It takes advantages of its different properties such as its string and the text alignment.

Pledge Distribution

This application uses three up-down controls that each holds a percentage value. The values are used to calculate a proportional value that is pledged in a fund-raising for three schools.

Progressive Clock

This application simulates a clock. Each part (the hour, the minute, and the second) of the time is represented by a progress bar.


Topic-Centered Applications

File Processing



Loan Preparation
This is an example of saving values to a file stream and retrieving them when needed.
Solas Property Rental
This is an example of serializing an array or items. This example uses binary serialization.

General Applications

Weekly Sales
This is an example of a vertical rectangular chart. To draw the rectangles, we use simple solid brushes.
Yearly Sales
This is an example of a vertical rectangular chart. To draw the rectangles, we use hatch brushes.
School Enrolment

This is an example of drawing a pie chart in GDI+.

Color Selector
This article reviews the process of retrieving the color of a pixel on a picture.
Column Chart
This is an example of creating a column chart by drawing vertical rectangles that represent the values.
Rotating Circles
This application experiments with the techniques of drawing a circle in GDI+ and the .NET Framework. The application uses a timer to continuously a few circles on the screen.


Time Sheet
Bethesda Car Rental


Data-Based Applications

Application File Processing XML ADO.NET
Altair Realtors      
Watts A Loan      
Yugo National Bank      
Bethesda Car Rental      
Solas Property Rental      
College Park Auto Parts      
College Park Auto Repair      
Musical Instrument Store      
Tri-State Utility Company      
Georgetown Cleaning Services      

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