Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used to perform financial calculations, statistical analysis, and other related operations. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 brought many enhancements to previous versions of the software, including the Ribbon, aesthetic aspects, and overall performance.

This site offers various lessons on how to use Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to create spreadsheets, perform calculations, and do data analysis.

1.   Microsoft Excel Fundaments
2.   The Columns of a Spreadsheet
3.   The Rows of a Spreadsheet
4.   The Cells of a Spreadsheet
5.   Worksheets
6.   Workbooks
7.   Printing
8.   Introduction to Data Entry
9.   Data Entry With Numbers
10. Introduction to Cell Formatting
11. Aesthetic Cell Formatting
12.  Data Analysis With Charts
13. Introduction to Expressions
14. Introduction to Functions Accompanying Exercises
15. Business and Financial Functions Microsoft Excel 2003

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