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Microsoft Excel is a computer application used to create and managed spreadsheets. With Microsoft Office Excel 2007, new features were added to the application, including the Ribbon and other objects.

To implement functionality beyond a regular spreadsheet, a Microsoft Visual Basic programming environment is installed with Microsoft Office Excel 2007. The computer language used is Visual Basic for Application (VBA).

In the lessons on this site, we learn how to use Microsoft Excel to create electronic spreadsheets. When necessary, we also use VBA code to enhance the spreadsheets using Windows controls (design and programming).

Lessons Summary
1.   Introduction
2.   The Types of Values of a Spreadsheet
3.   Operators and Operands
4.   Introduction to Procedures and Functions
5.   Introduction to Objects
6.   Form and Control Design
7.   Messages and Events of Windows Controls
8.   Objects and Collections
9.   Workbooks
10. Worksheets
11. The Columns of a Worksheet
12. The Rows of a Worksheet
13. The Cells of a Workdsheet The previous version of this web site
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